We farm, you earn.

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About Us

AgroReturns is a subsidiary of Hillside Agro Merchant Limited, an all-around agricultural company.

Hillside AgroMerchant Limited has been an active player in the Nigerian agricultural sector for close to 10 years. Over these years, we have specialised in the cultivation, processing and sales of palm oil and cassava. Our expertise on the farm and understanding of the market have ensured consistent demands on our products, even in competitive situations.

AgroReturns is the arm of the company that translates the rigour and dirt that come with agriculture into money for investors. We provide a platform for people to be a vital part of farming and all agricultural processes without having to till the ground or rear an animal. In other words, we farm while you earn!

We are committed to enriching smart investors, even as we play a significant role in achieving the zero hunger agenda in Nigeria.


To be the foremost and trusted platform for people who wish to invest in farming and agricultural products.


Our mission is to create and endear more people to the processes of agriculture through investment plans that ensure constant generation of income for them, while also partnering with existing and new players in the agricultural industry, all with the aims of achieving a zero-hunger society and enriching people financially.

Our Clients

Our clients are businessmen and women, salary earners, and retirees who have an interest in agriculture and understand the opportunities in agricultural investments.

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