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Instant Yanga (Cassava Processing)

NGN 250,000.00 per unit

Cassava Farming Cassava is a very adaptive plant; it has an innate ability to resist high temperature and drought. Cassava is also rarely affected by diseases and pests, thereby ensuring high yields. In the world today, reports have shown that at least 1 out of every 10 families in the world consumes a product made from cassava. Cassava is the plan you will call “popular demand” in the Nigerian parlance. In fact, in Nigeria today, Cassava tubers is used by diverse industries that range from Noddle producing companies to Alcohol and liquor producing companies, garri factories, fufu factories and cassava flour mills. While the facts of its diverse usefulness are obvious to all, very few people see cassava farming as a gateway to amassing wealth; yet, many people in Nigeria today complain of insufficient funds. Indeed, not everyone that is presently involved in the cassava value-chain has ended up being wealthy because the secret of a trade—though lucrative—are not known to all. Our factory expansion plan was set up to facilitate the production of larger quantities of cassava products. This means that interested investors can now partner with us in cassava farming and processing to achieve supply for its teeming demands and cash out thereof. Consequently, we designed an investment plan that is sure to make both our investors and us the farmers smile to the bank at the end of the new cassava farming season.

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