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Garri Processing
Cassava is a very adaptive plant; it has an innate ability to resist high temperature and drought. Cassava is also rarely affected by diseases and pests, thereby ensuring high yields.
In the world today, reports have shown that at least 1 out of every 10 families in the world consumes a product made from cassava daily. Cassava is the plant you will call “popular demand” in the Nigerian parlance. In fact, in Nigeria, Cassava tubers are used by almost every major company, ranging from Noddle producing companies to Alcohol and liquor producing companies, Garri factories, Fufu factories and Cassava flour mills. While the facts of its diverse usefulness are obvious to all, very few people see cassava farming and its products as the gateway to achieving their desired financial freedom.
No doubt many Nigerians who understand the economic benefits of cassava and would have loved to invest in it have been victims of fraudulent investment companies; and therefore are very careful to seek genuine investment platforms that guarantee the security of their capital and promise reasonable returns. As cliché as it sounds, we stand different and we are that genuine investment platform!
We make bold to say that investors’ capitals are secure with us as our farming experience spans a period of close to a decade and investors’ returns on investment are guaranteed because our cassava processing factory, which is valued at about hundred million naira, has the capacity to generate the promised interest to both the willing investors and us, the company.
In fact, our factory expansion plan was specifically embarked upon in order to facilitate a larger production of cassava products; thereby creating room for smart and interested investors to partner with us in ensuring that cassava products are adequately supplied to the teeming market. Consequently, we designed this investment plan that is sure to put smiles on everyone’s face.
The process of investing is seamless; from this stage, all you need do is to select the number of units you wish to invest and click on proceed below. This directs you to a payment page. Once you make payments and we confirm your payment, your investment will be activated on your dashboard and you can monitor it from anywhere in the world.
Also, our payouts are in fact the least stressful. Having collected your account details at the point of signup, we pay you on the exact day your investment matures. Our existing investors are testimonials to this.
Now, go ahead and select the number of units your wish to invest in, bearing in mind that the higher the units, the more your ROI!

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