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Palm Oil Trading

NGN 5,000,000.00 per unit

Palm Oil Trading We like to tell people that there is money in oil and we are not talking about the crude oil! This is a statement of fact and we say it with all confidence because it has been our experience over the years. If you have some doubts, follow the logical breakdown below. If our old small palm oil production factory had the capacity = 1 ton of palm oil in a day And our production = 30 tons in 30 days (1 month) We would have made sales = N27,000,000 (+ or -) in a month Now, imagine what our new palm oil processing factory is capable of generating in a month! About 81 million naira from the sales of palm oil only! Mind you, the price of palm oil in the Nigerian market is always on the increase. This means that the estimated 81 million naira is a moderately calculated profit. We understand that palm oil is capable of enriching many Nigerians. This, with an understanding of the business and market of palm oil, informs the drive behind Assorted—Palm Oil Trading.