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NGN 200,000.00 per unit

AgroSabi; Palm Tree   What do you know about palm trees? Do you know that no part of a palm tree is useless? Okay, now that you do, take a moment to think about what this means! . . . Well, if nothing comes to mind, permit us to help you know that palm oil is gotten from palm trees and an amazing fact you need to know is that Nigeria is the largest consumer of palm oil in Africa. Think of quantity, think of money. It is from the same palm tree that products like palm wine, palm kernel, shrubs and many more come from. What is really amazing and interesting about this tree that is as old as earth itself is that every part of it is economically significant. Oh yes! While you might have heard that money does not grow on trees, palm trees might be an exception to that rule because money literarily grows on them! You might wonder how this is achievable and can be to your benefit, you do not have to. We have gone through that stage of thinking on your behalf. All you need do is invest in this investment plan we call AgroSabi! Through this, you get to be a proud beneficiary of the lucrativeness of palm trees. And guess what? You will not be waiting the long haul it takes to plant a palm tree and for it to grow. We have the palm tree plantation; your investment is simply for a part of harvesting, processing and to get the best of the trees while you earn the proceeds thereof.   Unit Price: #200,000 Returns per unit: #60,000 every 4 months Duration: 2 years

Categories: PALM TREE, Location: Oyo