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NGN 500,000.00 per unit

Kernel nut is gotten from the cracking of the shell of palm kernel fruit after the palm oil has been extracted. Palm kernel nuts is use in the production of palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake which is used in the preparation of animal feed. As of today, the global palm kernel market has been rising over the years  since 2010 when it grossed at $66.4Bn at an annual rate of 6.4% and Nigeria still lags behind with regards to worldwide production quota. The demand for palm kernel nuts is a reflection of the demand for palm kernel oil. The higher the demand for palm kernel oil the higher the demand for palm kernel nuts. Investing in kernel is one of the best investments any investors should think and invest on.  Invest now in palm kernel and receive huge returns on your investments. Partner with AgroReturns today and be on the smart side of life.

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