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NGN 1,000,000.00 per unit

The Palm tree is one of the most significant economic assets a country or nation has, provided its value is realized and potentials fully secured. Palm tree produce includes Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, and Palm Kernel Cake, amongst other products.  The palm fruit takes 5–6 months to mature from pollination to maturity. It is reddish, about the measurement of a large plum, and grows in huge bunches. Each fruit is made up of an oily, fleshy outer layer (the pericarp), with a particular seed (the palm kernel), also rich in oil. When ripe, each bunch of fruit weighs between 5 and 30 kg (11 and 66 lb) depending on the age of the palm tree. Due to the quality of this plant, AgroReturns calls on all investors to be a beneficiary.

Categories: PALM TREE, Location: Oyo