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NGN 50,000.00 per unit

AgroPaddy; Cow Trading   As at 2019, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) had predicted that Nigerian population would have tripled by 2050. An estimated 400 million people would be living in Nigeria! Without doubt, an exponential increase in population places an increased demand on the feeding strength of Nigeria as a whole. This is a given and not just a speculation, considering the path of population growth the country has toed over the years. Now, just like every other sectors of agriculture that flourished in the pre-colonial, colonial and early parts of post-colonial era, cattle farming contributed immensely to the Nigerian economy during these eras. We will not go through the sad tale of how things went south some years after independence but it is worth noting that livestock in general contributes to one-third of Nigeria's agricultural GDP today! Furthermore, one (in some cases all) of cattle beef, cattle milk, cattle skin, cattle hooves, cattle horns and even cattle blood is (are) important element(s) in the daily meal of all Nigerians! Hardly does any Nigerian eat a day without a piece of meat. Besides, an average Nigerian home has a tin of milk per time. What of the daily demands from restaurants, corporate organisations and production firms? All showing that the demand for cattle in the country is on a continuous cycle! With a population of 200 million Nigerians at the moment, how lucrative do you think cattle farming is? We are no novice in cattle farming and seeing what huge financial benefits exist for smart Nigerians to make a fortune from this practicable opportunity, we have decided to open up our portal for you to invest in our cow trading investment package. Unit price: #50,000 Returns per unit: #12,500 (25%) Duration: 6 months   NB: You can invest in as many units as possible and still get #12,500 on each unit.   BONUS: You stand the chance of winning either a fridge, generator, standing fan or blender from our EASTER GIVEAWAYS and if you are investing N2,000,000 and above, you win a fridge automatically.   Do you need to speak to us directly on this? Call 09062020034 or 09062020032.  

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