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NGN 3,000,000.00 per unit

Agro Boss; Palm Tree Plantation The palm tree is not just one of the oldest trees in the world, it is also one of the few most economically significant trees in the world. As Providence would have it, Nigeria is blessed with an enabling environment for the cultivation of palm trees. To this end, we are expanding our existing palm tree plantation by 250% in a long term project estimated to cost about 3 billion naira. Within a 5-year period, we will embark on the acquisition of farmlands, as well as the preparation, planting and maintenance of palm trees. We have designed an expansion plan that gives room to all and sundry to invest in. This investment has the capacity to help you achieve your early retirement plans and more importantly make you the boss, just as the name suggests! This is because with this investment plan, as an investor, you get to receive #1,000,000 every year for 15 years after your 5th year of investment! Below is all you need to know about Agro Boss: ·         Unit price: #3,000,000 ·         Duration: 20 years ·         ROI: 500%  ·         One unit is a hectare of palm tree plantation. ·         Land preparation, planting and maintenance/management take place within the first 5 years of investment. ·         Unit(s) bought matures only after the 5th year of investment. In other words, an investor ONLY begins to receive payment in the 6th year. ·         Hence, an investor gets #1,000,000 naira each year from the 6th year to the 20th year. ·         An investor is entitled to #1,000,000 every year for 15 years!

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