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NGN 200,000.00 per unit

Agro Flex
Agriculture is a low-risk investment venture.
It is unfortunate that a lot of people fall victim to fake investment companies. This is partly because many people do not understand that some investments are high-risk, some are medium risk, while some others are low-risk. Agriculture is a low-risk investment venture and what this means is that the chances of losing money is low compared to high and medium risk investments.
Furthermore, as long as the law of demand and supply is still effective among humans, then this in fact further reduces the risk in Agriculture. Can you ever imagine a person or people living life without eating? Definitely the answer is NO. Well, then it is impossible to imagine an agricultural investment that is about trading agricultural products without making profits.
If you follow the drift so far, you will realize that trading agricultural produces is one of the safest and most secure investments anyone can leverage upon. But of course, the question here remains how to go about it.
Agroreturns is a subsidiary of Hillside Agro Merchant Limited, which is an agricultural company that deals in all the processes of agricultural value-chain—from farm clearing to planting to harvesting and even sales. The opportunity here for people is to partake in agriculture by investing in the sales and trading of agricultural products that come from Hillside Agro Merchant Limited through Agroreturns.
Again, as long as humans still buy and eat food, this is the perfect investment for any smart investor. Just imagine the millions of tons of food the over 200 million Nigerians consume daily! Yet, we do not even have enough to eat as a nation…
How does it work?
We trade products like rams, palm oil, fish, cassava flour and other things cultivated, reared and processed from our farms. Agro Flex therefore has to do with everything trading, that is, buying and selling of Agricultural produce from our farms and factories. This investment will be used for this purpose.
You can be a part with just N200,000.
Payment of Interest: 25% every 4 months (covers capital of 16.5% and ROI of 8.5%)
Duration: 2 years

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